Long time, no blog…

One mighty fine day a few weeks ago, we deided to get off our lazy asses and get out on our boards. Make use of the beutiful Irish weather and our nice and crispy track before we headed off on our foreign ventures.

Good to get back out on the boards, and I swapped my channels over for some old skool skate trucks, and they were awesome. The board was so much lighter and the trucks were surprisingly light. Anyways, heres some pictures for ye!


Tollymore Freeride

Went out to Tollymore agian last Sunday with Harry. Well good! Brought the helmet cam with me so got quite a lot of footage. I managed to get a flat wheel before the last run which was pretty annoying as i was looking forward to it 😦 and i lost a bolt out of my trucks so was riding with three springs for most of the time 😮 Here is a video for you

It took a while…

I finally got the video from around decmber time saved 🙂 My computer wasn’t powerful enough to save it so i had to send it all over to my brothers laptop to save it. But here it is…

Digging up Dirt from the past…

I know that it is a while ago that this happened but a big thanks to John for giving us the lend of his digger and another big thank you to Dad for driving it for us with his great precision and dirt lifting skills 🙂

The tracks a lot harder now but it could maybe do with a couple of drains for the wet stuff.

Oh and i think that if you click on the pictures they should come up bigger, i hope.

Snowed in :)

I was snowed in this morning so couldn’t get to school, i know you all feel sorry for me 🙂 So I was having a look at some of the photos on the computer and came across the photos from when we had the digger at the track at the end of the summer 🙂 so they’ll be here somewhere. I managed to finish my video but for some reason it wont let me save it as a movie file so it’ll probably take me a while to figure it out…

Tollymore Downhill

After a some freeriding in Tollymore over the Christmas holidays, Dave and Sam have produced some videos, they can be seen on AIMBA. I also managed to get everybody lost… oopsy and i’m supposed to be good at navigating! An update on our videos… Andy has finished his but is having problems getting it onto the internet but hopefully done by the end of the weekend, and i still haven’t finished mine yet, i’m a busy guy you know 🙂

Fun,Fun! :)

After a nice wee session on Sunday at the track which led to me gettin a flat very quickly after getting started, we decided to head over to my place and build a jump thing… Started off with a bit of racing down the lane, with some close calls 🙂 then over to the jump well good fun and i ended with a split lip, oh yea! the mountain board wasn’t liking me today. Got a bit of footage and Andy and I are going to both make seperate videos with the footage to find the best editor! We all know who’s gonna win 🙂 But we shall see, i’ll have links to the videos up once completed.